Sheriff Badge

  Lantana is served by the Denton County Sheriff’s Office with an office within


Denton County Sheriff’s Office

Emergency: Dial 9-1-1 

Non-emergency: (940) 349-1616

Metro: (972) 434-5500

Additional Numbers:

Jail Information:
(940) 349-1700 Metro (972) 434-5502
Crime Stoppers
(940) 349-1555 (800)388-8477
Criminal Investigations:
(940) 349-1660 Metro (972)434-5503
Jail Records:
(940) 349-1630 Metro (972)434-5507
(940) 349-1560 Metro (972)434-5505
Animal Control
(940) 349-1600 Metro (972)434-5500

Sheriff’s Responsibilities:

Sheriff is a constitutionally created office with duties to be prescribed by the legislature (Tex. Const. Art. V sec 23). The sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer for the county and is responsible for operating the county jails, investigating crimes, making arrests, enforcing traffic regulations on county roads, serving writs, seizing property after judgment, and maintaining communications with other law enforcement organizations. The sheriff has countywide jurisdiction, but in practice, most sheriffs’ departments concentrate their activities outside city  limits where municipal officers cannot operate. Like all county department heads, the sheriff appoints his own personnel and in large counties may have a substantial staff and budget. The sheriff is elected every four years and is responsible for security in both the county and district courts. The sheriff also sets bail bond policy for the county except where there is a Bail Bond Board which establishes the rules and regulations for making bail by bondsmen.

Constitutionally, sheriffs in counties of less than 10,000 population serve as tax assessor-collector (art. VIII, sec. 16) unless the voters elect to keep the jobs separate.  In several Texas counties the sheriff is also the tax assessor-collector and carries those additional responsibilities.

Denton County Fresh Water Supply

District 6/7 & Development District 4
2650 FM 407 E Suite 125
Bartonville, Texas 76226
Ph: (940) 728-5050