Code Enforcement

Q: Whom do I contact about speeding on my street?

A: The Denton County Sheriff’s Office should be contacted at 940-349-1700 regarding speeding.

Q: To whom can I report an abandoned or inoperable vehicle on public property?

A: To report vehicle violations such as abandoned or inoperable vehicles, please contact the Denton County Sheriff’s Office at 940-349-1700.

Q: What are the lawful construction work hours within Lantana?

A: Construction work hours within Lantana are 7am-7pm Monday – Friday and 8:30am-6:30pm on Saturdays. No outside work is permitted on Sundays. For issues such as noise complaints or working after approved hours, please contact Lantana’s Homeowner Association Offices at 940-728-1660.

Q: The water in my neighbor’s lawn drains into my lawn; how can we resolve the drainage issue?

A: This is a matter to be resolved between property owners. If it is the builder’s fault, check with Lantana District Offices at 940-728-5050 to review or verify actual drainage plan approval.

Denton County Fresh Water Supply

District 6/7 & Development District 4
2650 FM 407 E Suite 125
Bartonville, Texas 76226
Ph: (940) 728-5050