Safety Update


Safety Update

  • The Fresh Water Supply District 6 and 7 Boards recently approved modifications to the Stacee Lane Crosswalk on Lantana Trail. An area of refuge has been created in the median so children do not have to wait for the entire roadway to be clear to start crossing. They can cross two lanes then wait in the center for an opening to cross the other two lanes. The crosswalk has been reopened to pedestrian traffic and the work has been completed except for a few finishing touches.

  • All school zone related signage within Lantana has been updated to the new fluorescent green signage in an effort to be more visible to motorists.

  • Stop bars at intersections along Lantana Trail and other pavement markings are also being updated.

  • Signs were added on Lantana Trail at Rayzor Rd. and Stacee Ln. advising turning vehicles to yield to pedestrians.

  • If you own a golf cart please refrain from operating it on any sidewalk as that is a violation of State law and citations may be issued if witnessed by the Sheriff. Golf carts are only permitted on roads with speed limits of 35 MPH or less and are limited to travel to and from the golf course and the operator’s residence. All other use on public roadways is prohibited by State Law.

  • A Safe Route to School map will be sent home with each Blanton elementary school student in the next few weeks. Please review this map with your children and ask them to adhere to the designated route(s). The map will reflect the closure of the sidewalk on the East side of Stacee Lane to facilitate the construction of Juniper Addition which will be directly across Stacee from Madison Addition.

Please contact the Water District office at (940)728-5050 if you have any questions or need any additional information

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