New Emergency Notification System

Public Release January 19th, 2017

Emergency Notification System

ARGYLE, TX, January 19th, 2017 – In an effort to improve communications with the public and
businesses the Argyle Fire District has switched from Code Red Notification and contracted with
Everbridge Inc., to provide mass notification services for urgent and emergency needs.

Effective immediately it will be necessary for individuals who live in Argyle, Bartonville, Copper
Canyon, Corral City, Lantana and Northlake wishing to receive alerts to sign up under the new
provider by visiting and clicking on the “Sign Up Today” link under the
Everbridge section

This new service should continue to provide the timely notifications via: Phone, Text, E-Mail, and
TTY services. It is also possible to input multiple addresses and devices under a single account to
provide warnings that are geographically important. The new Everbridge system will continue to
provide subscription based weather notifications sent automatically from the National Weather
Service and will be distributed based on geographical relevance.

Any data entered into Code Red will not be imported into the new Everbridge system. All data in the
old system is scheduled to be removed from the servers.

The Argyle Fire District strives to provide only emergency notifications or messages that require
an urgent action to be taken. We will never send general announcements, political messages, or
advertisements to you. In addition, the Argyle Fire District and Everbridge will never sell your
information or perform telemarketing activities.

If you do not have access to a computer, many public libraries have computers and staff that may
help you with navigating to the registration website. You may also call the Argyle Fire District
Administration office at 940-464-7102 for assistance in registering.

For any questions or assistance you may also email


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